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Transfer Speeds Slow, What Are Yours?


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Just curious, but I was wondering what everyone's transfer speeds are? Mine seem pretty slow and was wondering if its normal and want to know what everyone's speeds are.


DB Version

HighPoint RocketRaid 2680 with latest firmware

4 2TB drives Seagate 5900rpm (no raid)


Transferring from one of the 2TB drives to the pool which currently has 2 of the 2TB drives = 25mb / sec.

(Reason im moving files instead of merging the drive to the pool is because I want to be able to turn on duplication.)


Going to test transfer speed from one 2TB drive to another 2TB drive not in the pool. Will post results when some files are finished moving.


Do these transfer speeds sound right?




System Specs:

MB: Asus P8B-WS

CPU: Xeon E3-1235

MEM: 16GB Kignston DDR3

OS: Win7 Ultimate - Raid1 on 2 500GB WD 7200rpm

RocketRaid 2680 - MiniSAS 8087 to 4 2TB Seagate 5900rpm drives (non-raid)


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I'm on WHS, Mobo ASUS M4A79XTD EVO, all JBOD 7,200 RPM drives using onboard SATA ports. When I copy to the pool non-duplicated I see 110 - 120MB / sec. Copying to a folder marked for duplication I see 200 - 240MB / sec. The test data is 1.53GB of 23 folders with a total of 379 files.

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The copy to a folder with duplication turned on is not really twice as fast, but since DB is writing to 2 drives concurrently it's pumping twice the amount of data to the pool. The actual copy time stays about the same when going to a dup'd folder vs a non-dup'd folder.


The copies are all from a non-DB drive to the DB pool.

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Ok that makes sense, well hopefully I'll be able to test some more file transfers soon and post some better results. Currently its adding another drive to the pool.


Next test will be transfering a file from my OS drive to a 2TB drive not in the pool. Then the same file to the 3 2TB drives in the pool.

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To folders without duplication I end on something around 40 MB/sec. With duplication turned on I end up a bit higher around 50-55 MB/sec.


Tested on drive outside pool to the pool. Files were 1-4 GB.


Think I need some advice how to boost speed to the amazing 200+ MB/sec.

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