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[Resolved] All folders gone?

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Rebooted my Win8 system, 17 drives, one pool.  DB says the pool is healthy.  Shows the amount of used space vs free space.  The Mount is valid.  However, when I click on the mount all folders are gone.  When I go into the DB manager, mount management (where you look at what folders are duplicated) all folders are also gone. 


I removed the mount point (did not delete it); then recreated it - same letter.  Still can't see any folders.


Assuming my data is still there, I mapped a drive (all drives show up), to the letter E:.  Went to open the drive and it said "access denied."


Has anyone else had this happen?

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If the console shows them and the free space/allocated space seems right then the files are there. I'd be trying the last version of DB I had that worked (I always keep a copy of the installs so I can fall back if needed). You can just install a older version over the top and it has worked fine for me.

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You're not the only one seeing issues with DB so I suspect the problem is with DB. Others have been able to use the WHS Create missing folders function to get missing folders back with all contents so that's why I think it's a DB issue.



Is this a WHS Dashboard issue ??



I look after 3 DB pools under Windows 7 and all has been fine.



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Whelp, I'm going through the painstaking process of rebuilding all my file folders spread over 18 drives manually.  If anyone has any experience with this, please let me know.


DB, this is your last chance.  Great program but spending the next two weeks copying files to one drive at a time, then piecing through each folder to remove duplicates is not worth the $40 I paid you.

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