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Advice on adding new drives

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I have been happily using DB for quite a while now but have not had to do anything with it since I first configured it. So unfortunately I can't remember anything about it! Well now I need to because I want to add some more drives to my server. Since this will be one level above totally simple I thought I'd ask for some advice.


The server has 8 sata ports and I'm using 5. But 4 are sata2 and 4 are sata3. I used the sata3 ports for the system drive and the 3 2TB drives which are in the single pool in DB. So my new 3 drives will have to be connected to sata2 ports. Rather than just add these drives to the existing pool, I thought it might make sense to have 2 pools, one using the drives connected to sata2 ports and the other with the ones connected to sata3 ports. To further complicate this, it appears that the sata3 drives available now are faster (on paper?) that the sata3 drives I already have. So my requirement is:


Move the existing 3 drives from the sata3 ports to the sata2 ports

Add 3 new drives connected to the now vacant sata3 ports

Create a new pool with the 3 new drives

Move certain data (e.g. media files which will be streamed) from the existing pool to the new pool


How should I go about this?

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Non 10k+ mechanical drives get practically no benefit from sata3 over sata2. The bottleneck there is not the bandwidth but the performance of spinning plates. So really you could make the 2nd pool, but performance wise it won't make much of a difference (if any).

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