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Beta v2.0.1.0

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Beta v2.0.1.0


Release information


(*) General information.

(B) Bug fix.

(u) Updated feature.

(n) New feature.

(d) Driver change.

(k) Known issue or limitations.


Release v2.0.1.0 beta (2013-10-08)

(u) Much of the core Drive Bender service has been rewritten to accommodate the new features coming in v2

(u) New Interface for both the Windows client and the Windows Server Dashboard client (i.e. WHS client).

(a) Added support for networked drives to be added to a pool.

(u) Alternate (named) streams are now enabled by default.

(u) Support for physical drive number emulation is now enabled by default (this allows Drive Bender to support TrueCrypt volumes).

(k) The new "Landing Zone" feature has been disabled due to a last minute bug, it will be re-enabled in a minor update.

(k) Pie charts not rendering correctly, this is being sort for the next update.

(k) Mapped pooled drive do not support network security, as a result the user name and password fields in the clients are disabled for this beta.

(k) The pool restore option does not restore mapped drives (you can manually do this by simply adding the drive to the restored pool).

(k) Themes support has been disabled in this beta for the Windows client.

(k) The drive merge option has been removed, it is becoming an option when adding a drive.

(*) This beta's license is set to a fixed expiry date.


All beta versions can be downloaded from here.

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I installed the beta on my new HP N54L without any issues and it seems to work fine - but today I got a strange display (look at the Non pool used value), which seems to be a little display bug you might want to look into (see attached screenshot).


BTW: V2 is supposed to be multi-lingual - this does not seem to be implemented in the beta yet. Is it still on the roadmap?






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