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Removing drive from pool - why so long???

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I am trying to remove a drive from the pool. It started yesterday and takes already 24 hours and I don't know when it will end, because there is any progress indicator.


My configuration is:

-Windows 8.1

-3 drives: 1TB, 1.5TB, 2TB.

-drive bender


I am trying to remove the 1.5 TB drive which had 600 GB of data.

Any ideas when it will end ? I have only one day left, because I have to give the drive to someone.

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if you don't have duplicate data on that drive you should could estimate the remaining time with the used space on the drive. all files should be moved to the other drives. at the end it should be nearly empty.

maybe you should have a look into the windows task manager or resource monitor how fast the drive is reading data.

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