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Beta v2.0.2.9


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Release v2.0.2.9 beta (2014-01-31)
[n] Unified installer (Windows and WHS versions of the installer are now merged).
Multiple instances of the balancing queue can be created causing a resource issue, and file balancing conflicts.
Many interface issues have been fixed with both the Manager and Windows server addin.
More improvements to the drive add, remove, merge, convert and swap routines.
The drive merge feature is now integrated into the drive add feature (if files are detected, the merge option is shown).
[d] Driver upgraded to the production release version.
Improved driver upgrading when going from Drive Bender v1 to Drive Bender v2.
Fixed a potential interface deadlock when running add, remove, merge and swap routines.
When balancing files on a system that contains duplicates, there can be a conflict between the primary and duplicate.
Added Open SSL dependencies.
It is important to note that we now have a single installer that services all versions of Windows. Another important note is that we are cleaning legacy Drive Bender drivers during the upgrade process, as a result it can take some time to mount the pool(s) after the initial upgrade.


All beta versions can be downloaded from here.

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In a conversation with support from Drive Bender, I was asking about setting up Drive Bender on a Mac. I was told that this may be possible using the v2 of the software. 


Is this possible?






Blair, Feb 20 10:48:

So if I understand your response about the Mac, I can't mount drives to my Mac and then use Drive Bender to merge them.





Hi ,

Well with v2 it may be possible. With v2 you can add a networked drive as a pooled drive... so it may work (not something I have tested).



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So far v2.0.2.9 beta has remained stable although a few UI inconsistencies persist which I assume will be sorted in time. However, I can not seem to trigger a manual balancing run and automatic balancing has yet to kick in (I tweaked the schedule to 'aggressive'...normally set to once/day). When I look in the real-time monitor I see the balancing job is scheduled but it never runs. Same thing with heath checks. However, file validations run perfectly. Go figure.


There is a 100GB difference in free space across the two drives in my primary pool with lots of small files and directories on both sides. Balancing on v1.9.5 seems to work just fine. I verified the v5 drivers are installed and did a full reinstall/rebuild/repair just to make sure. No sign of the v4 drivers. Any ideas?

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