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"Landing Zone" questions

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hi guys!


are there any detailed information about the new landing zone feature in v2 ?


i have some questions:


  • can i set one landing zone drive for multiple pools, or do i need one landing zone per pool ?
  • what triggers DB moving the files from landing zone to the destination drives ? time ? disk usage ? space on landing zone ?
  • what's the best way to protect files on the landing zone ? 2 SSDs in raid1 ? 2 SSDs with file duplication on ? (is duplication possible on landing zone drives ?)
  • what size should the landing zone drive have to get most speed gain, but also not wasting space ?
  • what happens with data which i copy direct on the landing zone drive using a mapped drive letter ? can i define somewhere, that this data should stay permanently on the landing zone ?


best greetz

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nobody has some answers to my questions ? :-\


today i faced a Problem with landing Zone and DB


i tried to copy 3TB of data from my old Server to my new one.


in my new Server there are 3x4TB HDDs + 2x250GB SSDs together in one pool. the 2 SSDs are in Software Raid 1 by Windows Server 2012 R2 and set as landing Zone in DB.

The first TB copied without an issue, but then i got following error during the copy process:



 (see screenshot)



seems like landing Zone has gotten full ?!? how can this happen ? and how can i fix this ?


edit: seems like the file balancing process got stuck and so the Landing Zone drive got full...

after a complete restart of the server and a manual start of file balancing, DB moved all the files in queue away from landing zone to the final destination on hdd pool.


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