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How does DB identify the hard drive ?


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hi there

i just stumpled upon this...

being an old whs user who were drove off by the fact that storage pool has been removed i find this thing AMAZING


i got 1 question though

i am about to change the RAID cards on my home server soon

should just postpond adding the drives to the pool util then or will itidentify them regardless of the raid card their connected to ? ( i am using the raid card just to increase the number of sata inputs in the MB and thats all )


best of regards



note : if any one knows a good/cheap way to increase the sata inputs on the MB please do tell... i just discovered my current card can support a max of 2 TB which is disappointing )

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well to be honest i just plugged them in and connected the sata dconnectors and turned it on.... didnt do any raid settings so i am guessing yes JBOD

duuno if this help but in the manager there showing as " ARRAY SCSI Disk Device "


the card page says specifically :

Max. array size: 2TB

Max. physical disk drive size: 1TB





currently my case can hold up to 20 harddrives and with my mother board having 6 sata connectors.. i am short of 15 extra sata connectors ( there is an extra system HD slot )

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I guess not no, technically your average HDD will be satisfied with 150MBps...

But then, the expansion cards for that interface I find are all PCI, not PCI-e and have only 2 SATA ports per chip...

So to get a lot of extra SATA ports

  • you would need a motherboard with a lot more than one regular PCI slot (so not future proof :rolleyes:...),
  • you would lose room for other possible expansion cards,
  • the fact that it has to be a motherboard with a lot of PCI slots likely limits your choice in recent CPUs (I mean, which recent motherboard has more than a single regular PCI slot, if any at all...)
  • And if and when the average drive does become faster, that SATA 150 interface will very quickly become a bottleneck...
  • ...

Don't know, seems like a lot of trouble to go through just because a storage HDD can technically operate fine at 150MBps...

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did you see the cards i posted ?


i got 4 pci slots in my MB... since i am using it as a server i dont really need a descrete GPU or soundcard the i3 should be fine


so with little math


and 6 onboard sata connectors,,, that should cover them all


problem is i can get a max harddrive size supported...

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Sure, whatever suits your needs :)

Anyway, the card I suggested is the only one I've come across that

  • provides plenty SATA ports per expansion slot,
  • uses a PCI-e interface,
  • doesn't have insane RAID functionality (not needed),
  • is very affordable imo,
  • is a relatively new card (2009),
  • AND most importantly: is known to support 3TB drives

Just wanted to share my thoughts^^

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DB doesn't care if you move the drives to different ports.  It figures it all out.  I do it all the time.


I have an older external case (8 bays) with a Silicon image 3124 based controller and a RocketRaid controller.  Both are older, but happily supporting 3TB drives.  Even my several year old Dell XPS 420 handles the 3TB internally.


You just have to format them with a GPT master record rather than MBR.  Requires Vista or later or Server 2008 or later (including WHS 2011).  WHS1 does not support 3TB.

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