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Beta v2.0.3.4

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Release v2.0.3.4 beta (2014-03-21)
Updated driver to the release driver.
When attempting to delete a file that the user does not have permission to delete, the driver is now reporting the error correctly under Windows 8 and Server 2012.
An incorrect CRC value can be returned when a file is zero bytes in length.
The CRC calculation on a file can cause the file to become locked.
[n] Added option to have all mount points dismount if one or more drives go offline.
Improved drive detection when a system wakes from sleep (prevent drive offline messages).
[n] Added an option to dismount mount points when removing or swapping a drive.
During balancing all drives are now checked to make sure all are flagged as ok (otherwise balancing is aborted).
Added user authentication to the pooling of network drives.
Improved the way drives are checked to determine if they are on/offline.
Tuned a number of the DB Manager / addin themes.
[n] Drive details are persisted across reboots (i.e. is a drive goes offline, Drive Bender retains key information such as the volume name, mode and serial numbers across reboots).
Fixed a number of issues with the new "Dark" theme.
[n] The "Dark" theme is now the default theme.
The drives list now resized into multiple columns space permitting.
The width of the columns in the File Access list are now retained.


All beta versions can be downloaded from here.

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