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Addition of SSD and/or Hybrid Drive

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Hey All - 


Quick Question - I currently have a 16.3tb Pool made up of x6 standard SATA drives that I use for data storage.  Due to issues with the pool at the beginning, I currently install apps and games to a SATA drive not in the pool and my OS is also installed to an SSD which isn't in the pool.


The performance of the pool isn't bad, but then again, I use it as a repository.  I think I saw that in the upcoming version, you could create a mount point (or whatever it's called) where the designated drive would be the interface representing the pool for the most part.  Assuming that I understand this correctly, could I then add an SSD to the pool, then designate it as that point for greatly improved performance - even enough to install apps to?


If this is all true, has anyone used the latest beta yet (wrote this on 4/20) and if so how stable is it?



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Are you talking about a landing zone? If so, yes that should improve the write speed to the pool as all files would initially be written to the SSD and then balanced to the other drives at a later time. However, if the drive fills before it can be balanced to the rest of the pool, I don't know how DB handles that situation.

Additionally the read speed of your pool will stay the same as it currently is since you will be reading from the standard pool and not the landing zone drive (unless of course the files are still on that drive and it hasn't been balanced out yet)


That's the way I understand it but I could be totally off my rocker though :)


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