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Are symbolic links from within a pool in v.2 yet?

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I asked this question about v.1, and was told that this would be going into v.2. Is it possible to create a symbolic link from a directory inside the pool yet? (For example, I would like to link the TempRec buffer directory inside the RecordedTV directory to a drive that's outside of the pool, as there have always been issues when trying to read from the pool at the same time the buffers within the pool are being written to.) In all iterations of v.1, linking from inside the pool produced an error, even if the beta support for this was enabled from within DriveBender.




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@tomper, The post counter was reset when DB migrated to this new forum software. If you go to your profile and click on Posts you will see that they're all still there, but only posts made since the new BBS software was migrated to are counted.

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