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VSS Shadow Copy supported in V2.1?

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You may have missed that Anthony specifically addressed the issue with VSS. I quote: "Finally I can hear you asking “what is happening with VSS support”? Well this is proving to be quite the challenge to say the least. The VSS framework put in place by MS is, well, to be kind, poorly documented and mostly held together with gaffer tape… however our intention is to deliver this after v2 ships providing we can get it to work reliably."

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anything new concerning VSS support, now that it's more than half a year later ?

it's the one big downside left, not being able to use windows backup, otherwise it would be nearly perfect.


what happened to your "plan B" ?


So what does this mean for VSS support? Well our original timeline had full VSS support in beta 1, and this was meant to be available mid August, however given the issues we have faced, this has not happened (obviously). At this stage we have decided to move on with the other stages of the v2 development and beta releases, while we continue to work on these VSS issues in the background. At the very least v2 will support pool snapshots, snapshot mounting and snapshot management. If requestor support continues to allude us, then we have a plan B (I will post on plan B when we come to a final decision).

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another try to get an answer from "thesmith":


3 months gone by and it seems you are active at least in cloud extender forum, so i guess you should also have recognized this thread.


why isn't it possible to get any answer/feedback from you within a few days or even weeks here in the forum?

imho it would even be better to tell vss support or plan B are out of reach and won't get implemented, than just ignoring users questions...


so maybe you are so kind and can give us a quick update...

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