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"Waiting on the enumeration lock timed out" Error

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Hey Guys - 


About a month ago, I had some major issues with my pool as you can see here.  The major ones are resolved, but there were still some minor ones hanging around.  Wednesday afternoon, I got a notification that one of my disks jumped down to 11% health via Sentinel Disk Manager so ordered a replacement immediately.  On Friday, I replaced the bad 3tb disk with a new 4tb (via the DB Manager) and after a few hours of moving files, it completed successfully.  I also added an 8th disk (4tb) to the pool as I was running out of space.


Now, however, I'm running into an issue I haven't seen before and can't find info for online let alone this forum.  After a couple of hours of the system being on, access to the pool gets really slow and occasionally stalls for a few seconds.  In the log file, I get the below error listed over and over again:


[PoolNode \\?\Volume{f006bd8a-ff10-11e3-b3f9-806e6f6e6963}] - Waiting on the enumeration lock timed out. The lock value is 9


If I remember correctly, sometimes it has a value of "10" instead  


Nothing I do seems to resolve it except a full restart of the system.


I do have two other issues currently, but the above one seems to be the biggest.  Any ideas?  I've already opened a ticket with support.



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I'm hitting the same issue, although my drive is stalling for 5+ minutes not seconds.  I have a support ticket open so hopefully they'll help with that, but I'm not expecting much since it is Thanksgiving after all.

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