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Drive Bender v2.2.0.0 released

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Release v2.2.0.0 release (2014-12-11)
Internal tasks can hang due to a dead locking issue.
Improved handling of missing drives at boot.
When remove a drive if the file being move out already exists in the pool, then the file is renamed (previously this would generate an error).
The Drive Bender Manager can open the sub menus in the incorrect location on a multi-monitor setup (we could not reproduce this, however we did change code in an effort to fix this).
When adding a drive, the merge option is disabled for system drives.
S.M.A.R.T. processing has been moved to the external tray application.
When a drive disconnects from the pool, Drive Bender now additional low level tasks to reconnect.
When removing a drive from the pool, the drive's health is checked and if not 100% healthy, a warning is displayed.


Download here

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Well everything works except I'm now getting NO SMART info. I am running a IBM M1015 HBA card with a intel expander. I was getting all the smart info under 2.1.9. Everything else works fine. Anybody know where I can download version 2.1.9?

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My Primary System's SMART was not working at first, was showing blank for all drives, after a few Windows updates and reboots, it is now working correctly. Even identifies my iSCSI Drives (Incorrect/missing SMART info which is expected for those).


My Secondary System is working great, that is Motherboard and a Perc H700, no issues reading smart.

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