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Uninstalling Cloud Xtender

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Important - For beta users running Cloud Xtender on the same machine running Drive Bender v2.x

Cloud Xtender and Drive Bender v2 share the same core driver, if you uninstall Cloud Xtender from a machine running Drive Bender, the driver is uninstalled, and can result in the Drive Bender Pool not mounting upon the reboot.

This is not serious, it simply requires the core driver to be re-installed. To do so, run the Drive Bender "driver utility" (you can find this in the Drive Bender start menu), and select "Install Generation 5 Drivers", then reboot. If you still have issues after the driver re-install, let me know.


We will be fixing this in coming beta, but in the meantime, please remember, your pool data will not be effected by this installer issue.

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