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FAQ - Moving a Pool to a New Computer

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If you're wondering what it takes to migrate a pool to a new computer here's some tips. This also applies when re-installing the OS on a current machine or replacing a mother board. This is a fairly easy process.


- When you're ready to shut off your current DB machine you need to go into the Drive Bender Settings dialog - License tab and release your current license. This is true for a OS reinstall or major hardware change like replacing a Motherboard too. In the event that you can't release the license you can open a license release support ticket and they can release the license for you.



- Install your DB pool drives in the new machine.


- Install the DB software.


- The DB software should discover the pool drives and bring up your pool.


- Add the license key you released in the first step.


Some things to be aware of;


Some users have had to go into DB and tell it to "Restore pool from drives".


On initial install DB has been known to create a default pool in addition to the pool you're restoring. You may delete the default pool.


Some users have reported that when DB restored the pool(s) it did not remove the drive letters from the pool drives. You can remove the drive letters using the diskmgmt.msc utility.

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