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FAQ - Moving a Pool to a New Computer

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If you're wondering what it takes to migrate a pool to a new computer here's some tips. This also applies when re-installing the OS on a current machine or replacing a mother board. This is a fairly easy process.


- When you're ready to shut off your current DB machine you need to go into the Drive Bender Settings dialog - License tab and release your current license. This is true for a OS reinstall or major hardware change like replacing a Motherboard too. In the event that you can't release the license you can open a license release support ticket and they can release the license for you.



- Install your DB pool drives in the new machine.


- Install the DB software.


- The DB software should discover the pool drives and bring up your pool.


- Add the license key you released in the first step.


Some things to be aware of;


Some users have had to go into DB and tell it to "Restore pool from drives".


On initial install DB has been known to create a default pool in addition to the pool you're restoring. You may delete the default pool.


Some users have reported that when DB restored the pool(s) it did not remove the drive letters from the pool drives. You can remove the drive letters using the diskmgmt.msc utility.

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I'm creating a checklist to migrate from WHS2011 to Windows Server 2019. Basically, I'm swapping out the old SSD with a new one where Win2k19 will be, but still using the same hardware. This server runs Plex Media Server as well as the UniFi Controller, among others.... which implies that I need to be very cautious with every step as well as familiarize myself with the behavior of each software/app that needs to be moved.

Question is, when I release the Drive Bender license from the old OS, what happens to that DB instance?

1. Do I immediately lose access to my pool drives?

2. Does DB go into trial/eval mode? If so, for how long before it expires?

3. In case I've migrated the pool drives on the new OS but run into problems (non-DB related) and need to rollback to the old OS, will there be an issue accessing the pool drive again in WHS2011?


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For item 3. You should be able to roll back without a problem, again, release the license from the Win2k19.

On the other 2 questions. You should open a ticket and ask about your questions 1 and 2.

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@oj88 Once you release the licence on your old server, the pool will stay online until you reboot, and even then, it may still run for 60 days, as that is how long the evaluation licence is for.


When you install DB on the new server, you will again have 60 days evaluation until you have to apply the full licence.


So really, you could set up your new server, move the disks and utilise the 60 days, without having to release the licence on your old server, just in case you need to move back.


When all is OK on the new server, then release the key, wait for the support people to release it and then apply to the new server.




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Thanks everyone!

I've been putting off this migration for months but I finally mustered the courage yesterday to pull the trigger and to my delight, everything went relatively smooth. The following are my experiences specific to Drive Bender:

1. After releasing the license, I got a notification that, in effect, the pool will still be accessible but will be in read-only mode. However, I was still able to create and delete files on the pool. I don't recall seeing anything about this taking effect after a reboot but all things considered, not an issue for me.

2. In the new OS, Drive Bender didn't took long to recognize the existing pool (Drive P:) and brought it up. However, I was surprised that it brought up a 2nd identical mount point (Drive X:). I just removed the redundant mount point and everything was back to where it should be. This may have been a mount point I created but removed a long time ago. DB could've seen its remnants and decided to mount it. Though unexpected, it's a minor aesthetic issue.

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