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Please read the following carefully before posting

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The Drive Bender forum is intended to provide a communication platform to allow discussion of the Drive Bender product and its use. The community is growing rapidly, bringing new challenges and opportunities. Posting in these forums will be moderated and threads that are outside of these guidelines will be deleted, the originator warned and possibly blocked from future posts on the board. Users are expected to adhere with the following guidelines;


  • Profanity: This post contains expletives or vulgar language. Please post in more friendly manner.
  • Personal attack: Insults or rude ad hominem arguments directed at another member are not permitted.
  • Troll / Flame bait: This post is worded in such a way as to evoke an emotional response, rather than to start a constructive dialogue.
  • Inappropriate subject: Please choose a non-inflammatory subject line which actually describes the subject matter of the thread.
  • Illegal content: This thread contains legally prohibited or copyrighted material.
  • Marketing / Solicitation: Posts that appear to be marketing or solicitation for goods or services are not permitted and will be deleted.


While we all adjust to having a moderated forum, there may be times when a thread is closed that you believe shouldn't have been. We will gladly listen to constructive feedback and will reopen the thread if warranted. We will also be "fine tuning" our moderation style, as we find the balance that allows us to have useful forums while doing the smallest amount of editing and/or closing of threads as possible. Please bear with us as we get better at this task. We hope that this will keep the overall dialog healthy and productive.


Please note that we will not close or edit threads that criticize our products, as long as they do not violate the guidelines spelled out above.


A special thanks to Wilkes (aka w3wilkes ) for providing this content.

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