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Slow file deletion

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I've noticed a definite speed issue renaming files in a pool.  I've also checked the logs and not seen anything strange.


I have two brand new 2tb Seagate Green drives (AHCI in BIOS) in a pool assigned to drive letter F:.  I've moved the shared Server Folders into the pool and have turned on duplication for all folders *except* Videos.  Regardless of how I access my Videos folder though (local, network, remote), when I try to rename a video file it takes about 5 seconds to save the new name, almost every time.  The speed accessing these files appears to be fine - I'm streaming to my Ipad through AirVideo without any difficulties. 


Any ideas on what to try to speed up this more basic functionality?  In fact, any ideas how to speed up all file functionality because I can't say as I'm happy with the file transfer speeds I'm seeing either (my mobo supports 6Gb SATA, as do these drives, and I have 8Gb of RAM and nothing else running on the server during these tests):


25-30MB/second copying a 2.9Gb

45-50MB/second copying 700Mb


These drives (I've seen screenshots and read many a review) are capable of much faster speeds (like double).  I'd seen a post from Anthony stating he was happy with the speed as everyone else seemed to be - so maybe these results are typical or I've configured something wrong.  Hopefulyl someone reading this might have an idea or 2 as I'd be much happier knowing it's something I've done incorrectly.  ;)



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