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Beta v1.2.4.5 (beta 3 of the Tomcat release)

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Release v1.2.4.5 beta (2012-02-11)

- Known issue: The drive format option has been disabled due to a last minute bug.

- Update: Pool configuration and validation has been improved.

- Update: The restore from drives feature has been improved.

- Bug fix: Drive letter mount points will mount even if one or more drives is offline.

- Update: A pool remains in read only mode until all drives are on-line and ready.

- Bug fix: When adding a raw (unformatted) drive, a "drive unrecognized" error can be thrown even if the format option was selected.

- Update: When a drive is removed from a pool, the file are no longer copied, but are now moved from the drive to the pool.

- Bug fix: When removing a drive, an error can be thrown on completion.

- Bug fix: If a drive goes offline, or is offline at start up, files could still written to the pool even though the pool is in a fault tolerant state.

- Update: Improved fault tolerant detection and handling.

- Bug fix: A number of WHS addin / Manager interface updating issues.

- Bug fix: Lockup issue when Smooth Stream is enabled.

- Update: Many improvements to the Smooth Stream feature.

- Update: Enabling and disabling folder duplication has been improved.

- Bug fix: File count statistics count sometimes report an incorrect duplicated file count.

- Bug fix: It is possible that threads scheduled to wake at a specific time fail to do so.

- Update: NFS is now natively supported.

- Bug fix: A number of driver related issues have been resolved.

- Update: Improved reparse point handling.

- Update: Improved folder deleted functionality.

- Update: Improved folder rename functionality.

- Bug fix: Adding a mount to a new pool can result in the desired configuration no being completed.


Download the Windows version

Download the WHS version

Download the client version


Some users have reported an "Unmount pool drive" alert which is being generated when rebooting after this beta is installed. We believe this to be the result of the upgrade itself, and should not reappear (simply delete the alert from the viewer).


If you need to extend the beta license, please use the license key ENR30-F0C00-G1HJK-M8P91-1Q1HS-MVNSY-FF8FWE2FJ

This key expires on the 31st of March, 2012.


Important notes regarding this beta.

1) To install on a system running v1.2.2.2 (or earlier), simply install over the top of the existing installation.

2) If you experience an issues with this beta and wish to go back to v1.2.2.2, you are able to install v1.2.2.2 straight over the top of this beta.

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Installed, rebooted twice, and I'm left with this error on mount points.




Do I just wait for it to clear? Strange thing is that I have all the physical drives and the mount point visible in the WHS2011 dashboard.


FYI - I started a client backup and it appears to be going much faster.

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Yeah, got that as well.


"Drive Bender mount point has been unmounted

System Notification Alert"


But it quickly sorted itself out


Also got


"One or more pre-defined server folders are missing

Certain Server Folders related tasks may fail until the pre-defined folders are restored:"


Weird thing is that after a time I could access the WHS server folders from the network and the folders are showing as shared in explorer on WHS, but they are still showing as "missing" in the WHS Dashboard.




After a further reboot the server folders are no longer showing up as missing in the WHS dashboard.



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I installed the new beta last evening.  Initially I had some alerts (don't remember exactly the texts but one did mention my pool mount point P: being off I believe);  I had previously been removing a second pool I was no longer using so wasn't sure if that cleanup was related to the alerts. After another reboot everything seemed to be running smoothly.


This morning I found an alert that the system had been unexpectedly shut down (apparently from a BSOD, which explained why I had needed to re-login) and WHS sent off problem info to MS-land.  I changed the DB logging level from none to debug for future reference, but have seen no other unusual behavior.

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After I installed this beta I also had the missing folder error and DB mount point has been unmounted. Even with these errors the folders showing missing in the WHS Dashboard were all still accessible. I went into the DB Manager and waited for the Pool health monitor thread to go completely through my pool and then rebooted again. On this boot there were no errors of any kind.

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Installed today and reboot, no issues with the install didn't require a second reboot all shares came up.


Testing NFS on W2k8 R2 now



For anyone else if you are using Hanewin NFS make sure you remove it as it will clash on port 111 with the native windows NFS services.

**Edit  2**

Well I setup a NFS share on a folder that is on my mounted drive pool and it didn't work.

Setup another folder on a non DB drive pool just on a regular drive and it works fine.


Seems if you create a NFS share on a DB mounted volume it does not work.


Event logs

Server for NFS cannot initialize the volume with drive letter <Y:> for sharing.


Network File System (NFS) shared resources on the volume will not be available to NFS clients.


Windows® may be low on system resources.  Try increasing available system resources by closing programs, then restart Server for NFS manually.


Plenty of resources are available and NFS is working on non DB shares


****Edit  3****



What I did earlier was I had created a drive letter mount point.

This contains various top level shares such as movies and documents and music ect which have all been working great for months now at this stage.


I created a normal folder called it NFSTEST

As I'm running W2k8 R2 I added in the file service role in the server manager.

When this was done rebooted the server, once it was up the folder called NFSTEST went into the properties and selected NFS sharing, selected "Share this Folder" and "Allow unmapped Unix access" and permissions end read only ( did not check root access"


Tried to connect to it via servername:\NFSTEST

"Error details network name not found"


Then connected to my test ESX server and pointed it at the exact same share same problem it doesn't see anything either.


Unshared the folder again, selected a regular non pooled disk created the exact same folder again and applied the same

permissions and connected the same way this time it works under windows  7 and ESXi 5.0


Unshared the folder and went back to the pool and modified the permissions selected read-write and allow root access.

tested it again same problem.


But as always many thanks for all your hard work and dedication it is getting much beter with each new release :)

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Re the unmounting message - This seems to be because some systems are slower to mount the drives for some reason. Normally users wouldn't see anything because it quickly sorted itself out. These alert are designed to fire after the pool has come online successful (will sort this out for the next update).


Re NFS - We are looking into this.

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Yes, besides the unmount message and the NFS issue, all is looking very good... would love to get some feedback on the updated smooth stream feature and overall performance. Also can users check the file and duplication count and see if this is being reported correctly (you can see the correct count in the diagnostics window).


All being well,  there is...

1) Fix the unmount message.

2) Sort out NFS. However we are not going to allow this to hold up the release, if we cannot sort this quickly, we will release an update after the v1.3 release.

3) Implement the ability to deactivate the DB license so it can be moved.

4) Some further performance tweaks.

4) Release the RC

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I have reenabled smooth streaming, but haven't used it enough to tell that it has made a difference in streaming performance.


One thing the change has not done is break anything, slow anything down, or create a need for a reboot. has been up since I installed it the day it was released, and the only thing I have noted is an unmount message that was apparently not correct, since everything continued to function as expected.


This wekend I'll beat on it a bit and see what happens.

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