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Problems... bad drive, copied some files off, how to recover pool

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I've had a few problems because of a bad drive. First I could not open "My Computer" to show drives, it would appear drive bender was causing it to freeze up. I tried restarting drive bender, but it would not start back. I had to uninstall Drive Bender.

Ran chkdsk on all of my drives in the pool, one of them has problems. It found a bunch of index problems and orphaned files. I ran the western digital Data Lifeguard tool, and it won't pass the simple test. I am currently trying to copy all the files off and onto a new drive.


My question is, after I copy all the files off of this drive (that it will let me read, it has skipped a few already) to another drive will I be able to remove the old/bad drive, reinstall drivebender, and have everything magically work? Or do I need to do something to get it to replace the drive in the pool keeping the files that are on it (that was already in the pool before)

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For anyone else who has this problem, here is what I ended up doing.


I copied as many files off the failing drive as I could (Ended up being able to copy about 1tb out of 1.5tb, not too bad.)

Ran western digital data lifeguard, it detected drive as bad. Created RMA for drive.

Write 0's to first/last million sectors of bad drive, (gets rid of file system so the drive no longer shows up)

Reinstalled DriveBender, restarted

DriveBender detected failed drive

Removed the failed drive

Luckily I had enough room in the pool without the other disk so I can copy all the data into the pool before adding the new drive. I think if I didn't have enough space I could just setup the file structure to remove all the drive bender stuff, and then did a merge. But I'm not sure... so I didn't.


Currently still copying data, but here is the rest of my plan:

After copy is complete, add the third drive into the pool

Somehow get the data to balance/redistribute across the new drive... not sure if this is possible

Try to write 0's to entire bad drive before sending back to WD

Re-evaluate data that is not in duplicated folders... I lost a few things I should of had duplicated.

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