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Initial Impressions - v1.1.0.0

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Edit: After working with the product a bit more I have come to the conclusion that it is unusable on my system (Win 8.1 x64). Files copied to the Cloud mount point become permanently locked with NTFS permissions removed. They can not be viewed or manipulated from the host machine. Had to use other tools to clear the local cache. Will wait for the next release.


I purchased a couple licenses (to support further development) recognizing there would likely be problems with this early production release. After some struggles I was able to hook into my S3 account and begin experimenting with basic functionality. As promised the cloud mount point behaves much like a local drive. Very cool! However, I have already run into several problems:


- S3 bucket must exist; no option to create within CX. Had to use S3 Browser to create a bucket (this needs to get fixed).


- Can't set the host drive (where local files are cached) to a DB pool even though that option was available. Weird things started happening ultimately resulting in locked file that required a fair bit of brute force to delete. The file cache appeared to remain on my system drive even though the CX client indicated it was on the DB mount point. Persisted through a reboot. If DB pools are not valid they should not be offered in the selection dialog. 


- Could not establish a connection to Google Drive. Tried two accounts with different security characteristics. Both failed with an 'invalid client' error along with a message stating "OAuth client was not found". Checked the client IDs passed, both were valid. 


- Could not establish a connection to OneDrive. Tried two different accounts. Came back with generic error stating OneDrive is experienced technical difficulties. I was able to log in fine from IE...but not form Chrome or Opera. Opera is the system default.


Lots of promise in CX but plenty of bugs to squash too.  

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