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A new version - ??


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Release v2.3.5.0 release (2015-06-01)

The file balancing intervals could be set to a value that was not expected.

SMART settings for individual drives was not taking effect.

The SMART service and Windows tray application can use excessive CPU when the host machine comes out of sleep mode.

Scheduled tasks can fail to load on start-up.

The core driver is spamming the Windows event log.

If the pool switches to fault tolerant mode, the duplicate file may not be displayed.

On some occasions it is not possible to create a network mount point.

Improved the efficiently of the pool health check.

Fixed a font issue with the duplication manager.

Windows 10 support.

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Just had a notification of  new release - v2.3.5.0.


Can't see any release notes as yet.


I have seen this happen before; link doesn't get updated in a timely manner. Click here for v2350 download. Alternatively, right click the 'official' download link->copy->paste and modify the version number in the resulting URL.


Edit: After install management console still reports v2.3.0.0. However, rtm (real time monitor) reveals v2.3.5.0 running under the covers.

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I just had avast block the download, said it was infected. I've opened a ticket so DB can verify it's a clean file.

It's most likely a false positive. If you Google it, you'll see a lot of people getting the same "suspected" flag on exe files they've had (and which hasn't changed) for a long time. It has something to do about how aggressive Avast can be on many occasions.

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Running Google drive by any chance? - I've been getting that a lot lately when drive is syncing.




I am unable to download v2.3.5.0.


Browser reports


No data received
Hide details
Unable to load the web page because the server sent no data.


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