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Drive Bender will not stop duplicating files (but is NOT using pool space)


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Running into a weird issue. I am running drive bender on a media center PC with 4 drives connected in a pool and running a client version on my main computer so I can configure it.


The pool works fine, duplicated fine, and everything else seems ok, BUT the pool shows that it is constantly duplicating files. The weird thing is that the pie graph now shows 18TB (and growing) of duplicated files even though my pool is only 4TB big. The pool shows 3TB of used pool space and 1TB of free space as well as the 18TB of duplicated files.


There is a constant running task of file duplication and even if I cancel the task it just immediately restarts and continues adding to the ever growing duplicated pool size.


Anyone else run into this problem and possible have a solution? It does not affect the pool's usability, but it is constantly using CPU power on the host machine.

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I reported the same issue recently as apparently several others did as well according to Anthony.

In my case it is due to the LastWriteTime of the dup'd file being exactly 1 hour newer than the 'real' file. You can verify this by enabling Debug in the logs (Preferences/Performance). Turn this off when you are done looking, the files grow quickly. there is an .exe file in the DriveBender/Logs directory that lets you look at the .SIL files.


I am running 2012R2 Essentials. Not sure if this is due to a recent Update on the server or not. For me the timing is indeterminate due to adding a new larger drive, then removing the 'too small' one. But I also know there were a bunch of updates installed during the reboot.


Version, reverted to and same thing happens so not likely to be DB as I was using for quite some time.

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