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Primary used space lost into non pool used


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I am trying to switch to DriveBender, but having some serious problems. I've googled around and can't find anything, but hopefully this is a quick fix. 


I have all of my source files on a single 4TB drive, they total about 2.8TB. I created a pool of 2x 2TB + 1 1TB and copied them over. After the copy they totaled ~2.9 TB in the new pool. I then turned on duplication for another 990GB in the pool and let the duplication processes finish, then restarted the pool.


Now the pool shows a way smaller size than expected for primary (lower then expected), and also a high non pool size (which I would expect to be zero).


non pool - Expected: 0, Actual: 2.21GB

primary- Expected ~2.9TB, Actual 1.5TB

duplicate- Expected 990GB, Actual 21.89 GB


If I open the pool in windows explorer and manually size the files, it returns the correct size (~2.9TB), so it's' mainly the pie chart in the Drive Bender client that is wrong. It is still incorrectly impacting the free space because of the inflated non-pool usage.


Is there a fix process that I can run to put it back into order? I've tried repair and validate. In fact, the validate runs every time the machine restarts, I'm not sure if that is normal.


Thanks for reading.


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