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Mem Leak?


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I've had the issue for awhile but I seem to have an issue with a memory leak that is associated with DB (or a windows sys driver).  


When I clean boot, my Win10 system has about 4GB used in Memory.  DB then kicks off a process that seems to check all the files in my pool (I can see this activity in Resource Monitor / Disk).  As this is taking place, my "In Use" memory steadily increases till I have about 18GB in use and the file checking is finished.  This memory is never released.  


Any hints?




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Yeah the memory is not being allocated to any "process" which is why I think it may be a leak either in DB or the refs sys driver.  I've had this issue for ages and got away with it by just adding more RAM (24GB now) but figured it is worth checking it out.


- I've rebooted again and watching what happens.  In Resource Monitor I can see a very large number of "DriveBenderService.exe" instances doing a read on all my folders in the pool.

- In BD Console under "Running Tasks" I see two that has kicked off:

   1) Pool File Heath: Details are "File Health scan task for pool" / "Waiting for folder enumeration, processed XXXX folders".

   2) Internal Tasks: Details are "TFolderCacheTask(id:"

- Once these "Running Tasks" stop so does the memory in use growth and my system is stable at this point.

- My in use memory grows from about 4 to 18GB over this period (about 1 hour)



During the above my "In Use" memory is steadily increasing.  FYI - My pool consists of:

- TB: 36.4

- Files: 837,000

- Folders: 80,000


I'm wondering to test if I can disable the "Pool File Heath" task.  The other thought is that this is the "normal" Overhead for DB but that seems like alot of memory to consume.

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I'm running on with 8 GB of ram Windows 8.1 pro. I have 5.7 TB, 779,928 files and 211,995 folders in the pool The service is currently using < 10K MB. I don't have duplication running since I'm using SnapRaid for parity. Last Pool Health ran 12/16/15. 

Drive bender Version, driver v5.1.162.73


The pool is 3 x 5TB + 1 x 2 TB, and a 5TB for Snapraid parity.


I'm also running a Crash plan target, my UPS monitor, Google Drive, Dropbox, PRTG Server (monitors my lab), Plex, Veeam Endpoint backup, my OTA recording application, Filezilla FTP server,



While they say DB is stable on Win10, I'm not sure that is true.

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I changed a couple of things:

- moved some other services of this PC (Ubiquity Video that has known mem issues with their latest beta)

- Set Balancing method to Cascade, and 

- Disabled File Balancing


I still see the same rapid increase in "in use" memory when DB does it checks but after a day? it seems to have released about 10GB (into Standby) - so I settle around 7GB In Use all up.

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