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Drive Bender Long Term

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Long time DB user here, have previously bought 2 licenses back at normal prices and just this week bought another at the donation rate.


I really like DB and had no intention of moving off it but now it's in donationware I'm unsure of staying on the platform.


I have 2 questions, I have never had any problems with DB and had no intentions of changing to a different platform but my concern now is being stuck on a "dead" (no longer developed platform)

I have read some of the blog posts and correct me if I'm wrong, it looks like bugs and fixes will still be done which is great. But new features/major revisions appear unlikely, is now a sensible time to consider migrating to a different active pooling platform? I know pools are almost set and forget so you don't need a lot of regular updates but long term with windows updates/changes could we be left in a scenario where we cant update to a new OS/platform as DB hasn't been updated to support it?


2 - Feature request/idea

A feature I would really like is parity redundancy. Much like flexraid and snapraid but built into DB, assigning a drive/area to store parity information to restore a drive in the event of a failure.

I'm guessing that isn't an easy thing to development and given the current state of things is unlikely to happen?

If it did I would be happy to buy an additional license/plugin to use with my current DB pool, and reading around it seems a lot of pool users would like this feature to.



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One your feature/request, I suspect that would be a lot of work.  Personally, I just dedicate a drive to Snapraid parity and run a nightly  SnapRaid SYNC command to update the parity.  My script lets me know via e-mail if there are issues.   I went down the Snapraid path because I didn't want to use up 50% of my disk with duplicate files.


This is my configuration file:

# path to parity drive
parity C:\Mounts\Disk7_Parity_5TB\snapraid.parity

# path to each of your content files
content C:\Mounts\Disk5_V_5TB\array\snapraid.content
content C:\Mounts\Disk2_U_5TB\array\snapraid.content

# each disk in your drive pool. The value in {} is the GUID of the drivepool folder
disk d1 C:\Mounts\Disk0_S_5TB\{F8B7EF64-B8A4-4F5B-97B6-87E6F0E075B3}
disk d2 C:\Mounts\Disk1_T_2TB\{F8B7EF64-B8A4-4F5B-97B6-87E6F0E075B3}
disk d3 C:\Mounts\Disk2_U_5TB\{F8B7EF64-B8A4-4F5B-97B6-87E6F0E075B3}
disk d4 C:\Mounts\Disk5_V_5TB\{F8B7EF64-B8A4-4F5B-97B6-87E6F0E075B3}

# any items you wish to exclude from parity
exclude *.unrecoverable
exclude Thumbs.db
exclude \$RECYCLE.BIN
exclude \System Volume Information

I have 3 x 5TB + 1 x 2TB + 5TB parity drive.

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thanks Rualcricket


Yes I will investigate snapraid, hopefully I can use that GUI they made for it.


Overall I guess the quiet forums and lack of chat says more than any posts could


Sad times

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