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WHS2011 Missing server folders, manual DB Service restart required

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Dear All


I have an issue which I have been battling for quite some time (a year or two or three).


I have my server with circa 10 drives in it. All drives (inc. system) are bit locked.


Predominantly because the encryption I try not to mess with the system too much, only upgrade to the latest DB and updates are the software installed by me.


Now I have this issue, that each time the server starts\restarts, I have a WHS missing folders error. All shared folders, movies, recorded TV are gone, sometimes client computers backup folder is the only one that is there. I have been fixing it using two methods:


1. recreating the folders (takes some time)

2. restarting drive bender service.


The second method is fairly simple and quick, however I remember I used to have a setup that worked straight away, without the need of doing any of the above. I have noticed that installing a latest version of DB, uninstalling \ installing software tend to messed the DB service.


what can I do to have my WHS starting without any issues rather than having to log in to it each time I restart it or updates are installed. ?


Thank you very much for your help, fixing this would mean a world to me.




ps. Just couple of maybe irrelevant info, custom build server, substantial capacity, system build was done many years ago, re-build from scratch not in option (weeks of encryption required). I have re-installed DB, repaired install, installed older versions etc with no luck. I am running the latest version of DB

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I thought that this may be the case, unfortunately the latest build of DB does not allow to delay DB service.


You can do it via delay start of DB dependencies, however my observation is that the missing folders somehow relate to Windows Server Client Computer Backup Service.




Ps. I think, this is re-occurring topic, with no clear solution. I will maybe restore system from the backup. And now from the other barrel, I remember on windows home server (based on the XP, I have forgotten its proper name) you could restore system partition from within the system - this seems not possible on WHS. How do I do a system restore to a headless server from remote desktop.

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Just as an update, DB in version it is better just not to delay any dependencies of DB service. I found that setting them all back to automatic sorted my issue with missing folders. however it must be said that I have uninstalled DB, and set the services to automatic when DB was uninstalled and then installed it back.


still get some errors reg. some drives not responding - as I have an ssd as a system drive and as revengineer mentioned, drives not coming online soon enough. those however disappear during alerts re-assessment post startup.


also having additional sata cards presumably does not help.


so for those who have some issues with missing shared folders after restart, I would suggest the following:


1. uninstall DB

2. dependent on which version of DB you use, but if it is the latest one ( set all DB dependencies to automatic start without delay 

3. install DB in compatibility mode (windows server 2008 SP1) and as administrator - also helps with HD sentinel integration with the console

4. restart your server.

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Just as a FYI regarding missing server folder on WHS2011...


Creating a new server folder using the dashboard will force WHS to refresh its server folders and, as long as the disks are online at that point, any missing server folders should reappear. Just delete the new folder when you're done.

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