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Despite the best intentions of the primary software developer (Anthony) it would appear Division-M products have become abandonware. Others concur?


DB continues to perform flawlessly on several machines so that remains and essential part of my portfolio.


I have CX installed on one machine but do not use it as the product does not appear to enjoy wide-spread use. I fear an undiscovered bug will ultimately lead to data corruption/loss. Probably walk away form that one despite promising developments late last year.


Kinda sad as I do believe DB is best in breed - at least the last time I shopped around.

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I thought Anthony said something along the lines of things moving much more slowly. To be honest I am not expecting new development. The product does not really need it, it's working fine for me. Not sure on the support side of things as I have not had any issues in years. I do hope that he will make an effort to run on server 2016. I tried with a preview and ran into some issues there. Keeping fingers crossed as there is still no good alternative.

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