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Not Able To Communicate With Server

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Hi all


I have been running DB successfully for approaching a year now and been very happy with it up until this point:


After restart this morning, Drive Bender is now failing to initialise.


When running the Drive Bender client, I am presented with an error stating 'An error has occurred while communicating with the server' - see error1.png attached.


After clicking OK, the client claims that it is connected to localhost (correct) but states 'There was an error getting the license details Activate'. When trying to activate using my license key , it states invalid key (I assume because this has previously been activated, or cannot communicate with the server).


See error2.png - When running the Drive Bender Manager, my server appears under Pool instances but gets stuck at 'Pool(s) starting up...'. There is also an info message stating 'There was an error getting the license details. Active license'. Under this, a warning message states 'Restart Drive Bender'. When doing this restart, the same scenario occurs as above.


When clicking 'Maintenance and repair', I get the error 'An Error has occured while communicating with the server' (also see error2.png).


A possible cause could be Windows updates that were installed on the restart (see installedupdates.png). These were:




I have tried removing these installed updates and restarting to no success however.


All drives that were participating in the drive pool are still visible in Device Manager.


Please could anyone help me resolve this issue? As you can probably tell, my knowledge of/experience with DB is very limited. If any further details are required, please do let me know. I have files on the pooled drives that I will need immediate access to.


Thanks very much.




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I have now managed to resolve this issue by performing a full reinstall of Drive Bender.


During this process, I found that I could not uninstall Drive Bender - the uninstaller complained that it could not perform the action.


For reference if anyone else encounters this error, I resolved this by reinstalling .NET framework 3.5. The issue was that the uninstaller was trying to reference a missing file, regasm.exe in c:\windows\microsoft.net\Framework\v2.0.50727\.


This thread can be closed.



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