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Drive Status: fair

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For something that's brand new, it already has 0xC4 (196 in decimal) Pending Sector Count. This is the number of sectors that has been identified by the drive logic to be weak/unreliable at best, or unreadable at worst. Eventually, these sectors will be marked as Bad and your Reallocated Sector Count will go up. In reading SMART parameters, just take note of the RAW entries.


In other words, this typically indicates an impending issue with the drive (ie. weak magnetic media or physical damage on the disk surface). If you can have it replaced, do so now.


Tip: On any new hard drive, it is best practice to run a comprehensive surface test using a hard disk utility before putting them into production. If a hard drive turns out to be a dud in the test, it's easier to have it replaced since it's not holding any of your data. I personally use Hard Disk Sentinel Pro.

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