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Correct/Graceful Way to Shut DriveBender Down?

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My agenda is that I want to identify which physical disk has been assigned which drive letter.


Then I will slap a drive-letter label on each disk  and then,  if/when a disk goes South, I will be able to easily replace said disk after removing it from the pool.


To the end of identifying the disks beforehand, I would shut DriveBender down and then pull the power plug on a disk and see which drive lettered disk goes away in the Windows Explorer device list.


I guess I could open up the Services app and kill any services that look like DB....


But I am guessing there is a "Right" way to do this and I'd rather do it that way....

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This is what I do.


I use some white electrical tape and label each end of the drive with it's serial number. In drive bender you can see the serial number in the drives detailed information.


I also add the serial number to each disks volume label.

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Got the part about writing SN's on tape affixed to the end of the drives and I have done that - although, at this time, I do not know the drive letters or drive names of each drive.


But I am moving the mobo and drives to a new case with 20 hot-swappable bays.


Just spent 5 days loading the array, so I would rather not hose it during the move.


The drives, of course, are already assigned names: DB1, DB2, DB3.... and so-forth


I want the drives to be in the new case's bays in order of name.


I am tempted to:


  • Install the mobo and System drive in the new case
  • Start the system (and without knowing how to suppress it, have DB start too)
  • Insert a drive.
  • See what comes up in Windows Explorer ("DB2", "DB1", or whatever)
  • Remove the drive.
  • Re-insert it into the appropriate bay (Bay#2, Bay#1, or whatever)
  • Repeat this with all the other drives.

Does anybody expect a problem with this?


My main reservation is that, unless somebody tells me how to keep it from loading, DriveBender will be up and running during all this confusing (?) activity and maybe the array will become compromised and I'll have to spend another 5 days re-loading it.



Edit 2016 10-14 14:47


OK... No need to insert the drives into the DB machine.... any machine I insert them into will reveal the drive name as long as it does not duplicate an existing drive in the machine.....   So that lays to rest the issue.


But I would still like to know for future reference how recoverable the array is when populated drives are removed/reinserted.

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