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Size and Free Space of duplicated mountpoints


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Hello World! :)


3 days ago I said goobbye to unstable SiI 3132 RAID 1, yesterday I said goodbye to Win10 storage spaces and said hello to Drive Bender v and ordered a key.


I had to learn much to understand DB, now I runs right good IMHO.


I use 2 identic 1TB WD harddrives and I created for each wanted drive (volume) TWIN volumes on each harddrive, added them to a new pool and created mountpoint with duplicate (full drive).




GREAT!  8)


On hardware issues my registered HD Sentinel will inform me, for software desaster I have a sync'd harddisk (eSATA-Dockingstation) filled with "DirSync" and driver problems like Silicon Image or storage places will never happen with Drive Bender, I think (and hope!)  :)


One thing I did not find: The pool is published to windows explorer with (full) capacity of both drives DB1 and DB2 although I defined the mount point with duplicate checkbox enabled.





It would be fine if Drive Bender could publish half drive size and free space for better overview about free ressources.





Many thanks for reading this post and best regards from Berlin / Germany!





using: Win 10 Home 64bit 8 GB RAM 256 Samsung SSD (system) and 2x 1TB WD black (WD1002) for data storage

 - ASUS P5Q SE2 (w/o onboard raid) - Intel Core2Duo E8500 @ 3,16 GHz - Drive Bender (reg.)

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Drive bender saved my data, that's great!  👍

Some years ago (2016) I asked for the possibility to report on full duplicated driveletters (pools) only the half of free space for the explorer...

No comment, no answer...

suspicious community !?!? 🤔

Regards from Berlin/Germany!


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