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I have been testing out different solutions to mount my google drive as a local disk in order to use it with my plex media server. Now i have tried Stablebits Clouddrive and it worked very well but what turned me off is the fact that the data is in a container (a subfolder) in my Google drive and is not accessible without Stablebits Clouddrive (when encrypted..cant remember if non encrypted is the same). Is CX the same? 


I also tried netdrive2 and have been using it for a few weeks and it does sometimes suffer a bit when there is alot going on but overall does a decent job.


Currently testing Expandrive and so far playback is great with plex. Expandrive seems to have a small issue that it needs to be run as administrator, as does Plex  in order for plex to see the drive. This wouldnt be a issue but when it is ran as admin, the drive fails to show up in explorer even if it is mounted. Not a deal breaker but not ideal Since it forces me to also run plex as admin. It also doesnt mount as a local drive, it mounts as a Network storage drive.


So does anyone have any experience with CX and plex or CX and emby?

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