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Advantage(s) of Assigning Drive Letters ?

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Does anybody find benefit(s) in assigning drive letters to their pooled drives?


I just removed all of mine to free up more letters for network drive mapping.... but now that I'm thinking about it, I cannot see why I assigned them in the first place.



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Assigning drive letters may cause problems with the pool, if anything accesses them via the drive letter, as the pool won't then be consistent.

That's interesting - in the context of my prior DriveBender (with drive letters assigned and, I am pretty sure, access to those drives from outside of DB) build having gotten weird on me.


The rebuild, OTOH, has been running with no problems...... So I guess I will double down on not assigning drive letters.... -)

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Accessing the physical DB drives directly for purposes of directory or file MADs (modifications, additions, and deletions), etc., should NOT be done. Such operations must be performed through the pool mount point and let DB manage the files.

However, for purposes of error-checking or repair of the individual DB disks (a process which does not modify the file or directory structure, other than to repair it) accessing the physical DB drives directly is supported. In fact, this is documented in the FAQ; https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/214026403-How-can-I-check-the-drives-in-a-pool-


Note: Edited for brevity.

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