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v2.5 Fresh Install, Recovered Pool, No Drives Shown ?

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viz:   https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMHDERDPAS7ZNjkd4SjIYEMJIXqtp_qKXEC3olBWOaR3vTHjLy8Ej0Zj0Nhs99Ubw/photo/AF1QipOlNerih-yG5GismmNTB-he8j0ujzJ9N8cySiuw?key=WDdSdm4wSG90UkNwMG1FMVdSQ2p0NEFRQThPRVJ3


Note That:

  • This is a fresh build of windows and a fresh install of DB 2.5
  • Windows sees all 13 of my DriveBender-pooled disks.
  • DriveBender seems to know about them too because the pool (faux drive Z:) is shown by Windows and can be opened.
  • In spite of all those good things, none of the pool's drives are shown on the Drive Bender screen.
  • The three drives that are not in the pool are shown.
  • We have re-booted twice, with the same results.

Maybe some setting that determines whether-or-not pool drives are shown?



Edit 2017 01-22 20:53:


Got it!.... Pool Options | Switch to Pool | (Choose the Pool by name)

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