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Filtered Pool View

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I recently purchased and am using with a system with 16 drives.  It's working out well so far but here's one suggestion:


I envision a dropdown on the top with the first value being "All Drives" and then subsequent listings of created pools.  When the user selects "All Drives" they would basically see what's on the main screen. If the user selects one of the pools in the dropdown then they would only see the drives, configuration statistics in the given pool.  


If we wanted to get really cool the listing of the drives could be arranged in a manner where we could select the number of rows/columns and the user could arrange the location of the drives to match how it's physically laid out on the box.


I realize the history of the product and the limited time you all have, I'm a developer as well so I know how it goes.  I've read that some users say they've switched because the UI was hard to understand aka busy.  Perhaps this would help.  


Just a suggestion, keep up the good work!


PS: I noticed that authentication to this forum isn't using an SSL certificate which means that passwords are going out unencrypted.

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