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Problems with big files

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Hi everyone,

i'm going to tell you a problem with drive bender that I have had from first time I used it (nearly two years)

When I start to download a big file by torrent (more than 4GB) the pool freezes and the torrent gives me an error. I resume the download and then the torrent starts ok. With lower files doesn´t happen. In other programs as itunes, the problem is similar. When it downloads an app update more than 100MB, it doesnt start, and I have to resume several times to update the app.

In general the pool is correct and I don't notice other troubles (less from that I updated to W2016 but that is other case)

I've used other software to manage the pool... and that problems have dissappear, but I like continue using DB... 

Any help? I've used from 2.4 to in W2012 and always with the same symptons :(





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I have exactly this problem and I have also had it for several years.

I am using the Deluge torrent client and the only thing I can do is to use "Compact Allocation" in Deluge, the issue then goes away. The problem with this is that I then loose the ability to prioritise files within a torrent.

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That is an odd issue to have..... Maybe describe your setup? How are the drives connected to your machine/server? Is there a Raid Card / raid setup invovled, maybe a HBA? Maybe that will help to create data points of similarities between users with the same issue to help paint a bigger picture.

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5 hours ago, erzulie said:

My setup - I have 4 3.5 inch SATA disks running on a HPE Dynamic Smart Array B120i Controller. It's all the standard components that your get in an HP Proliant Gen 8 Microserver.


This may sound like a basic question, but are all drivers for the card (and BIOS/Firmware) up to date?


I'm not affiliated with Drive Bender, just a techie trying to see if we can figure something out together :) I know sometimes the admin here is slow to get on here (he's busy with the next set of updates)


Maybe we can come up with enough info to submit to heim to help out.

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I opened a case with support and they asked me to capture logs - unfortunately I've had so much on I haven't been able to get round to this yet but perhaps it's something to consider doing. Hope fully I'll get round to it at some point but Division-M do seem willing to investigate.

As an aside though, I did add an SSD to my system which I now use as a landing drive and I expected that this might fix the problem - it didn't.

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