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Can CX use a NAS device for local cache and/or bidirectional sync?

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I'm considering CX as a solution for cloud-backup of my files once support for Amazon Cloud Drive rolls out (not a true "backup," of course, but a remote copy in case of catastrophic failure wiping out my local files and local backups).  From what I'm reading here, it appears that it's not possible to use space on a DB Pool for CX's local cache; so if I were to get a NAS device like a Synology instead of a simple external hard drive, would CX be able to use it as the local copy for encrypted bidirectional sync (the benefits would be more local space and the ability to add/replace drives)?  I'd prefer to use a simple external HDD with the remote-only sync option, but from what I'm reading it sounds like too much of a hassle with encryption enabled so I need to look for an option with enough space to store all my cloud files locally and sync bidirectionally.  Thanks!

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