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Bug Report + Feature Request

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I have 3 arrays, one primary and two backups that I usually keep in "offline" mode with the enclosures off to save power. 

I noticed yesterday that the balancing was not working correctly and my LZ SSD drive was nearly full.  Looking at the real-time monitor I see:



"Schedule - Pool Balancing..." and

"Schedule - Landing Zone Clearing..." with the message:

"Last run response: Task not assigned, execution was denied at this time by the owner.  This task has been rescheduled."


When I turned on the two backups and set them back to "online" mode, the jobs ran and the LZ was cleared and the pool balanced correctly.  So it seems like there's a problem where if a few of the pools are offline the tasks don't work correctly for the online pools.

Also switching between online and offline appears to be problematic in general.  It would be nice if there was functionality similar to the USB drive disconnect in Windows where you can easily disconnect a pool and then reconnect it when necessary.  I believe I've seen many errors when I switch pools offline which I wouldn't expect to see.

For the most part Drive Bender is working well for me.  Keep up the good work.

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To ensure that the developer receives this in a timely fashion you should submit a support request. From your description it sounds like a probable bug. Seems to me that these pool maintenance functions should work properly for online pools and be bypassed for offline pools, especially the clearing of the Landing Zone. Here's a link to submit your support request;


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