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Drive Bender 2.8 Normal CPU Usage?

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First-time poster.

New paid-user of Drive Bender 2.8

Can anyone tell me what the normal CPU usage is of Drive Bender 2.8? 

My Drive Bender seems to use a steady 24-25% of my CPU constantly.  Is this normal?  If not, is there something that can be done to reduce this usage?

Thank you,


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I think I figured it out.  It's odd, though.

I am running Serviio media server as a service.  Even though the Serviio process rarely shows up in task manager on my Windows 7 Pro machine (1% every so often), it must be doing something behind the scenes to make Drive Bender do "something."  I don't know what Serviio is doing in the background that would cause Drive Bender to activate.  Maybe Serviio is scanning folders for new files ???

My pool configuration . . . I don't know how to explain that.  I've got a Crucial MX500 500gb SSD partitioned into thirds (Win7Pro/Data/DB Landing Zone).  The rest of the pool is 7 spinning drives of various makes and models between 1 tb and 2 tb.    Gigabyte mobo, 16gB ram, AMD A10-6700.  Finally dumped Windows Home Server V1 and am using Drive Bender to make it a HTPC/Backup machine.  So far, so good!  

So, back to the issue.  Turning off Serviio service makes my CPU usage bounce around at 1% and that makes me happy.

No case needed.

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