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Drive Bender v3

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Drive Bender v3 is coming, check out some of its new feature in our latest blog - https://blog.division-m.com/2018/07/23/the-malware-meltdown/
Let us know what you think and if there is anything else you would like to see in v3!

The Drive Bender v3 beta is set for release on the 31st of July.
Update: The release date has been pushed to the 3rd of August.
Update 2 (2018/8/4): We have an issue with the Drive Idle feature on one of our test machines, and we are having trouble sorting. Once we get it worked out, the beta will be released.
Update 3: We still have not resolved the issue with the test machine. The problem is this bug can take 12 – 24 hours to manifest, so sorting it is proving to be time consuming... stay tuned.
Update 4: It looks as if we have sorted the issue, and we are just performing finally testing. All being equal, we are planning to release on the 15th of August.

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New release date

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If I understand the blog correctly it sounds like I would be able to create a pool with just a single drive on my laptop for my data files and then I would have the ability to define what applications can write/update/delete the files on that pool by file type? My laptop currently has 2 physical drives, a small 128GB SSD for the system and applications and a 1TB HD where all my data resides.

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You could use the firewall feature to do this... although we don't use filetypes, but processes and folders to limit access.
We have had a few users ask about such a feature outside of a pool (aka on a single drive). We are looking at how would could easily do this.

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