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Beta v3.0.9.0

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Release v3.0.9.0 beta (2018-11-09)
[ b ] Further improvements on Drive Idle performance.
[ b ] A number of bug fixes on the Drive Idle feature.
[ n ] Drive Idle now defaults to disabled.
[ n ] Added notification options to the Pool Firewall.
[ b ] A number of minor network share related issues.

Download here

Pool firewall configuration We have posted a "How to" on the Pool Firewall, you can access via support at https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000366936

Important - We have now set the Drive Idle feature disabled by default (you can re-enable under setting -> performance). Due to the amount of time it is taking to resolve performance issues seen by some users, we are planning to release Drive Bender with this feature disabled. Once we have these issues resolved, we will release an update.

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Oh, and my drives are way bigger now :) (I have only a total 8 TB's in my pool):



Getting even bigger... hope this is not a bug which leads to crash:



Restarting DriveBender Service gets it back to normal, but still rising:



I also experience some kind of "micro stuttering/freezes" on the machine running drive bender when heavy IO is happening (e.g. extracting large archives ~12 GB on the pool drive). This def. is something new.

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Share on other sites up and running. I'll let it soak in the default configuration for a while. I'll make sure that the backups performed by my WHS2011 server running Drive Bender of my local PC's run successfully and also the weekly backup cleanup task runs successfully.

@Anthony One question... I saw a previous mention of a user who installed and said they had a problem, they then uninstalled their prior version and then installed the new release. I've been under the impression that we had to first uninstall the prior version before installing the current version, has that requirement been dropped? 

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@w3wilkes That might have been me.

The current version and the previous version both use the same virtual drivers, so you don't need to uninstall to upgrade. 

Keep us up to date with your progress, as the last beta screwed with my config and I had to start afresh, although @Anthony said it was a problem with the firewall, which has been fixed. 

Looking for people's views on this version before upgrading, as I don't want to have to re-create everything again 😀


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On 11/16/2018 at 11:24 AM, CBers said:

@w3wilkes That might have been me.

I knew who it was, I was letting you off the hook. 😉 So far it's running fine for me. I'm waiting to see how Backup cleanup runs tonight with the 2nd round of backups on my PC's.

For @spaceboy Can't say as I have no remote drives.


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Works fine, but there's an issue with large files:

Balancing, cascade mode,
if filesize > considerdiskfull > diskfree, then service not goes to next drive, simply drops write error.
if considerdiskfull > filesize > diskfree, then works fine.

Is it possible to fix it?

There's a workaround: I temporary set the considerdiskfull value to 5% (I have 8TBs), then working fine, but 40GB vs 400GB(5%) quite big step in the dropdown list.

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[mention=28]CBers[/mention] do you use the "Drive Idle"-future on your Emby Server?


how is your experience? I tried it and I have a big delay if I start watching (HDD spinUp)… 




No, sorry, I don't use it.


Have you updated to the Full Release (v3.1) ?


If so, I'd raise a Support Ticket so that [mention=1]Anthony[/mention] can take a look.



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