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Duplication - Setting to Ignore/Individually Configure Duplication

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I have 3 servers (A, B, & C) running drive bender, each with 1 primary pool (A.1, B.1, & C.1). Server A has a second pool (Pool A.2) composed of network shares from all three primary pools (A.1-C.1). This is my working space. I'd like to enable duplication from the level of Pool A.2, but have Pools A.1-C.1 ignore the file duplication setting from Pool A.2. Currently, when I enable duplication on a folder in Pool A.2, it depends which server sees the folder duplication setting first for that file that results in my new file being written to the same server twice (Pool A.2 = Pool A.1 x2) or two separate servers (Pool A.2 x2 = A.1 x1 & B.1 x1). Follow that? I'd like to be able to configure Pools A.1-C.1 to ignore all folder duplication settings in any subfolders, but have Pool A.2 be the only manager of duplication functions, so that when a new file is written to A.2, A.2 knows that it only lives on Pool A/B/C.1 and needs to be duplicated to one of the other pools.

After writing this, I think my request is to change the duplication setting so that it functions at a pool level, rather than configuring it only at the service level. 

If I need to clarify something, let me know.



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