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Cannot delete pool file.

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Not sure if this is a Drive Bender issue or a Windows one...

Twice now I tried updating the details of a picture I have stored on my server and the change hung. I had to reboot the server to get it the machine back to operating normal.  Now these two files, which are located on the pool, can not be deleted or changed.  No matter what I do I don't have permission.  I've tried multiple things on the local server.  Everything else if functioning normal. This is a Windows 8.1 machine running Drive Bender

Thanks for any help.

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I have seen a couple of times that when you delete a file, it doesn't delete and then when you try again, you get the permissions message.

Rebooting does seem to release some kind of lock on the file and it is then deleted.

I would suggest raising a Support Ticket for the devs to investigate.

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