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DriveBender Constantly Leafing through Files?

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I have two identical machines (they're file servers, syncing over the internet with Resilio.)


One is running DriveBender, the other running DrivePool.


They're both running Windows 10 Pro, each with Windows Search (Indexing) service disabled, each with Virus Scanning disabled for the pooled disks.


The DriveBender machine has non-stop pooled disk activity, where the DrivePool machine sits 100% idle for hours on end.


The DriveBender dashboard says no scheduled tasks are running, but the Windows 10 Performance monitor shows the DriveBender service is the only thing accessing the disk.


I've disabled the SMART health checks / reports in the DB dashboard, as well as disabled the SMART DB service to no avail.


There's no real I/O happening (MB/s) but it's like DB is indexing files start to finish, but never ending. The box has been running for >1week, and it's not stopped.


Is there anything I can try to let this machine idle? The machine needs to be on 24/7, and the constant disk access is no good.

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