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Orphaned file?

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Can anyone shed some light on this, not a huge deal but it would be nice to fix. I'm seeing the following 2 entries in my DB logs, every 10-15 minutes.


"Orphaned Drive Bender file on: \\?\Volume{ac76d1e4-62c8-11e0-8e1a-806e6f6e6963}\{C2A80E96-D350-4609-990E-883F8C493864} Path is: \Users\tomma\Books\Microsoft C#\Autorun.inf.TEMP.$DRIVEBENDER"


Followed by.....


"Orphaned file: \Users\tomma\Books\Microsoft C#\Autorun.inf.TEMP.$DRIVEBENDER deleted"


Now, I did have duplication turned on for a while on that folder, but it's been turned off for days and days now. Actually that brings up a related question. When duplication is turned on, then turned off, do the dupe files get deleted? I've turned it off, but the 'Drive information' section in the dashboard still shows me a duplicate count > 0 on all the drives in the pool.






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