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Move Drivebennder Disks from a old to a new Server?!

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i'm using dirvebender since a clouple of years very succsessfull under Windows Server 2012R2. But now i have buy some new Server with Windows 2016. The Server is installed great and i will use drivebender again in future.

In the old server i have configured a very great diskpool. Now i have to take all these disks out from the old and put in in the new server. One option that i try is, to remove the disk from the pool. The data will be move on the other Disks in the pool. Thats okay, but take a long time for 4 TB disks.

Is it possible to easy take out these disks from the old server to and put them to the new server and mount them to the new server pool? If it's possible how can i do that and what things must I consider?



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okay, thanks for the first instruktion. Today the delivery arrived me with the Caddy for my DL380e Gen 8 Server with HP Raid P420i in HBA Mode.

I have easy release the license from the old server and install the new drivebender version on the new server and setup the lisence there.

Next i created some drivepool with the letter e : switch them online and add some empty drive.

After that i shutdown booth servers and put out the diskdrive physicaly from the old and put them into the new server. Then i start and boot the server and the most HDDs was detected fine

Frist i have mapped my BD-Rom Drive to D : And with the  Diskmanagement tool i switch the letter to i :

but two of these create a new drive letter.


On Drive H : and F : there are some DriveRepairfiles like: DriveRepair-170625184148.csv What should i do with that? After this i open the drivebender and convert these two drives to a pool drive but the drive letter does still exist. I deleate that in drive manager with removing the letter right?

It is Drive 13 and 15


So then i performed an pool restore with the connected drives. That shows good and some files are accessable, but the drive H and F are not be a part of the pool! Why?

There is a many Datas stored on this drive. I test some around but i didnt find anything to solve this problem. Can you please help me out?









Log Drivebender.txt

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So all of your old drives are in the restored pool on your new server?


You may have to remove the drive letter from the pool disks as for some reason, they get assigned a drive by Windows and DB doesn't remove it on a restore.


Once all your drives are found by DB and the pool is restored, you can add new drives to the pool.


If that still isn't working as you think it should, then please raise a Support Ticket.




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