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Chkdisk hangs at 11% when started with surface check

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I also submitted that through a support ticket, but maybe the community here 

I'm currently testing Drive Bender to replace DrivePool (I actually just switched from FlexRAID to DrivePool, but did not consider DriveBender initially).

I'm running into issues with the "Check this drive" button.

When launching this with "surface check", I have 2 issues:


1/ The first time I did that, I received an error notification from DriveBender saying:

"The volume \\?\Volume{xxxxxx}\ is not responding, or has gone offline.", and then "The pool has reported an issue with one or more drives within the pool. The error was - "Drive node root path: "\\?\Volume{xxx}" is not responding, pool switching to read only mode.".

This is less of a problem, I understand that the drive being checked should be removed from the pool. My problem is that I did not see that when I did the same thing on a second drive.


2/ each time I do this, the process of chkdsk hangs at around 11%, and never completes.

If first will create a Drive Letter, starts correctly, but will hang at around 11%.

Then, attempt to re-display the corresponding drive's information generates an exception (see attached).

I also cannot cancel the task manually.

I have no idea if the chkdsk continues behind the scenes, and completes - but it never does for DriveBender, and therefore the drive letter needs to be manually removed at next reboot (would not risk to do this without rebooting, no idea what impact if I remove the drive letter while chkdsk is in progress - even the reboot I'm afraid it could harm the drive...).


Anyone running into similar problem?

Screenshot 2019-08-30 at 10.32.19.png

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Actually I think that it does not hang, it just stays at 11% for hours... When running it from a command line, the 11 percent complete stays there, but the number of files scanned evolves (very slowly).

Issue, when launching it from Drive Bender is that you don't see that evolution, and the task can't be canceled.

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