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Pooled drive moved from USB to SATA - big problems

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Hi all,

I have a pool setup and one of the disks is a seagate 3TB external drive.  Today I shucked the drive and connected it to a SATA6 PCIx card that I added to my PC.  Unfortunately, when I rebooted, DB freaked out and put the pool into offline mode.  Now it shows the drive as being "offline".  In the attached screenshot you can see the drive in offline mode.  It's also the blank name drive at the bottom of the pic, shown as being outside the pool.

The drive shows up in Windows "disk Management" snap-in, but it shows the following:

1) 350GB healthy primary partition

2) 1.7TB Unallocated partition

3) 750GB Unallocated partition

I'm not really sure what can be done here, other than putting the drive back to USB :(



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I’m a bit hesitant to try to switch any of the other drives around now.

I switched it back to USB and it’s still not recognized :(

Now I’m running recovery software to see if I can get the data off.

Not sure why the drive wasn’t recognized when I removed it from the pool and switched it to the SATA port. That was the most disappointing thing.

I did connect a different drive that had data on it already (not from drivebender) and it showed up just fine so I don’t think it’s the card.

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fwiw, shucked drives may not be readable when connected directly via sata or put into another enclosure.  The usb<->sata control / bridge inside the original enclosure may be playing games with things like reported sector sizes or encrypting content.

the only thing that pretty much always works is make a backup, shuck the drive and connect it were you want, then repartition/format and restore from backup if necessary.

if you gamble and connect the shucked drive without a backup and whatever you connected to wrote something to the disk/controller, you may be looking at the joy of disk repair / data recovery because putting the drive back in the original enclosure won't work anymore

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