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Pool firewall configuration failed

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since updating to Drivebender I get the following error message:

The Drive Bender server (HORST) has sent the following notification:
The Pool firewall configuration failed with the following message: [FolderWALL (\\?\Volume{9f7a6270-51fd-416e-bc3d-e72c87b6fcc7}\)] - The folderwall rule(s), where NOT ABLE TO BE READ for rootpath: \\?\Volume{9f7a6270-51fd-416e-bc3d-e72c87b6fcc7}\ (D:\).
There are no rules running, and all folders are unprotected!
I've never applied any firewall rules, so I'm at a loss here what is causing the error. The drive base protection rule is applied, but that's by default I guess.
Any hints how to solve this matter?

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22 hours ago, gorman said:

I think for similar reasons I am unable to run whatever program from the drive pool. It literally hags most of the system for minutes before spitting out errors.

Hopefully you've opened an issue with details of the error(s) you're getting.


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